Visionary Photography is a service founded with the intention of providing high-quality photographs for industries and the individual. Our collaborative vision ensures the most unique and complete perspective for any occasion or project. We believe our ability to effectively communicate with our clients is what enables us to create the best possible images.





Jared Rezak

Co-Director of Photography

“What do I desire?” These words by philosopher Alan Watts inspired me to pursue my passion for photography. The concept of capturing moments in time has fascinated me for as long as I can remember. Through years of experience, I have cultivated my vision and sought to make my photography unique. I am constantly striving to expose myself to new and diverse styles in order to expand my own capabilities. I work to challenge myself and create one-of-a-kind compositions, and this mentality is what sets me apart from the rest. My unique perspectives will allow me to showcase your project in an unrivaled style. Contact us today to start working on your latest project!

Graeme Jackson

Co-Director of Photography

I believe the best work is created by those who have a passion for their craft. When I was first introduced to photography, I was immediately captivated. As a California native, I was fortunate to grow up in a diverse environment allowing me to refine my skills and style. As I began spending more time behind the camera, I quickly realized photography was something I wanted to pursue. Social media allowed me to connect with other photographers, artists, and businesses spanning a plethora of industries. What I most enjoy about photography is the constant pursuit of the best, most visually pleasing composition. It is this ambition for perfection that ensures the best possible outcome for your project. Contact us if you'd like to get started on something great!